Samuel SAFA is a multi-award winning composer for movies and video games industries, as well as live entertainment. He has scored many films, including Soudain ses mains directed by Emmanuel Gras (awarded at the International Festival of Brest.) 

He has composed for numerous video games including 2Dark (Jerry Goldsmith Award Best Soundtrack 2018 for a video game, Ping Award Nominee Best Soundtrack)Kill The Bad GuyTiny Token Empires

He composed for famous TV documentaries including Les Mondes Perdus (3x52) Asteroids Rush (Cello performed by the world renowned virtuoso Tina Guo) and The Sand Eating Shark (Best Music at the "fête Européenne de l'image sous marine et de  l'environnement" and 2nd place best score for a film at the international FMC)

He's the composer and co-writer of the musical "Pirates: Le destin d'Evan Kingsley.

Samuel graduated in Musicology in Aix-en-Provence University, then he followed his studies at the CNR of Marseille, and finally at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, where qualified in Film Scoring.

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Documentaire samuel safa


" I loved every second of every musical note I could find in the game 9/10."

Wii's world

Bombing Bastards

"My favorite thing about this game, though, is the music."

Rotorob gaming

Tiny Token Empires

"An absolutely amazing soundtrack, one of the best i’ve heard on PSN game."



"une ambiance sonore tout à fait réussie, imprégnée de mélancolie et de pure folie, suivant les moments."



"La bande audio de Samuel Safa est également un vrai petit bijou à l’image de la chanson principale du jeu"

Virgin Radio

Pirates: Le destin d'Evan Kingsley

"Drôle, intelligent et rythmé!"

Femme Actuelle

Pirates: Le destin d'Evan Kingsley

"Un grand bol d'air et des chansons qui restent en tête!"

Le Figaro

Pirates: Le destin d'Evan Kingsley

"Une comédie musicale entraînante!"