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Samuel SAFA is a multi-award winning composer for movies and video games industries, as well as live entertainment.


He has scored many films, including Smile of April by Sabrina Karine and Jessica Brajoux, Soudain ses mains by Emmanuel Gras and El Conquistador by Mathilde Bayle. 

He has also made significant contributions to TV documentaries including Les Mondes Perdus, Asteroids Rush featuring Tina Guo cello performance (Best original music for a feature film at the Cosmo Genetics Film Festival) and The Sand Eating Shark (Best Original Score at the Los Angeles Cinematograhy Awards.)

He has composed for numerous video games including Frederick Raynal's 2Dark (Jerry Goldsmith Award 2018 Best Composer for a Video Game, Ping Award Nominee Best Soundtrack) Kill The Bad GuyTiny Token Empires

Furthermore, Samuel has taken on a mentoring role, working with the NEWF’s Compose Yourself Lab in South Africa in partnership with National Geographic. With his young students, they won the Jackson Wild Media Awards for Best Original Music for the film Nkashi : Race for the Okavongo.


In tandem with his brother Julien Safa, he undertook the roles of writer, composer, producer and director for the musicals Sherlock Holmes: l’Aventure Musicale (winner of the young audiences best show at les trophées de la comédie musicale) as well as Pirates: le destin d’Evan Kingsley, and Lynn: les origines de Noël.

His educational background includes graduating in Musicology from Aix-en-Provence University, pursuing studies at the CNR of Marseille, and completing his education at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, where he specialized in Film Scoring.

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